23 January 2012

Did someone say BARGAINS?

Alright, So today I have some very exciting news and a super new idea to Egypt, allow me to present to you "Fashion Garage". Your ultimate place to buy or sell pre-owned or second hand items from designer clothes and accessories to funky furniture, gizmos and gadgets. 

The garage-sale just got glamorous thanks to www.FashionGarage.org! Egypt's first second-hand fashion and lifestyle website will feature fabulous pieces - from designer clothes and accessories to funky furniture and gizmos and gadgets - all at rock-bottom prices. Think of it as recyclied-chic! Bargain-hunters will love browsing through our endless collections featuring everything from the big-named brands you've been hankering after to irresistible rare vintage finds. This is fun guilt-free shopping from the comfort of your couch.

One man (or indeed woman's) unwanted goods are another person's prized possessions! Why throw out that dress that no longer fits, that phone your bored of or that cute little couch from your old apartment? You could sell it all off for a neat little sum while also making someone's day.

We offer you a picture-perfect, easy to use and efficient platform on which to sell your goods, and, best of all, we guarantee you complete anonymity.

On another note if you are looking for rare and unusual items? You have come to the right place, we help you find what you want.

If you are selling; We save you the hassle of hosting a garage sale and help you get rid of the stuff you don’t want.

Many items listed in auctions don't sell only because the buyer has not found the seller in the short time the auction has taken place Fashion Garage solves this problem by giving you a place to keep your items for sale for an extended period of time.

Fashion Garage is not just an online fashion store but its also an organization for charity, 5% of all profits go to charity in association with Lions Club Garden City. hence the .org and not .com

Retail, furniture and fashionable electronic gadgets.

If you are buying, we are selling. If you are selling, we help you sell it.

For any inquiry email us for the time being on


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