5 April 2012

Mustard and MOSCHINO

My favourite thing about living in Melbourne are the old alleyways you seem to stumble across. It almost been 2 years and yet I find a new one everyday.

Working in an office 9-5, 5 days a week, can put a damper on my style. And without sounding like I think my shit don't stink, but everyday my colleagues trivia me about: where I may be going? Why am I dressed so nicely? Who am I trying to impress? My answer is always: Nowhere, because I like to, and myself.
I guess it baffles them that I do put in so much effort everyday and WHY is it a girl like me works in I.T.

Truth is: looking fabulous is never wrong and just because your day is dull doesn't mean you need to look dull.

xx Christine

Shirt: St Leonards. Belt: MOSCHINO. Pants: Oxford
Bag and Shoes: Charles and Kieth. Bracelet: Sportsgirl.
Necklace: TopShop