11 June 2012

SOS: Wardrobe Essentials

I would like to share with you (My personal opinion of) major wardrobe essentials. I'm sure most of you ladies come across days where your creativity has a mental block. I am a firm believer in the saying " There are no ugly women, Only lazy ones". You can make or break an outfit, depending on how you are styling it to match and fit your shape and personality.

The first thing that goes on top of my list is: A pair of nude heels

The beauty of nude heels is the fact that they can be an alternative to any pair of heels. After all they are skin color, so if you stumble upon an outfit that freezes you when it comes to choosing the perfect pair. These nude beauties will come to the rescue like no other. 

Second: Perfect pair of Jeans (A dark pair, A light pair and a Boyfriend pair)

I personally have the hardest time finding the perfect pair, which leaves me always on the hunt for one. When it comes to Denim shopping, always look for what fits your body shape best. Just because skinny jeans are in, it doesn't mean it compliments everyone. This is where your styling creativity takes place. 

P.S: Invest in a pair of flared denim. 

Third: 3 main Tee's should be part of your wardrobe ( Black/White/Grey)

Having a classic T can always save you a lot of time on days that you'r running late to Work, lunch or even a casual beer at a local bar. Combine a T with a nice pair of pants and heels, style with a statement jewelry and your good to go. 

Fourth: A boyfriend blazer 

Blazers are not only for men, or suits. You can throw a blazer on an outfit like mentioned above or swapping it for a cardigan can give you an edgy and stylish look. 

Fifth: A statement Accessory piece 

You can be wearing a very simply or very casual outfit, and depending on how you match your accessories to it, you can upgrade it to something dressy and appropriate to whichever event your heading to. 

These are pretty much what I call "SOS" Essentials whenever I have a mental creative block they sure come in handy.