24 August 2012

Oh my a shoot.

I would usually start with what the post is all about, but then sometimes I need to blabber on and on over irrelevant matters. I would also bake you cookies and if your lucky enough I'll throw a love song while we'r at it, but my absences totally falls on the fact that my laptop decided one day to die on me and never come back to life. I have made my peace with that, would you? I hope you do, stretch that heart of yours it helps. 

So, allow me to zoom in on the main matter here. I've recently collaborated with a Friend and an amazingly talented Make-up artist in a Photo-shoot that I had the pleasure to not only style but model for. Not that modeling is where my goals are set, but sometimes you gotta get out of your comfort zone and get the job DONE!. 

These are a sneak peak of a Neon pop colors inspired shoot. 

Make-Up: Colours by Youla
(Find her on facebook https://www.facebook.com/ColoursByYoula)
Styling: What's my label
Photography: John Scarpa