29 October 2012

Are you impressed?

Did you know that most of the time us girls really dress for other girls, I mean your fashion sense is not headed towards impressing a man (unless you got them babies hanging out then I'm off topic here with you love), but more of impressing a lady just like you. Men in general don't really get our fashion when it starts revolving around studs, florals, neon and even knits that were at some point in life considered to be a granny piece (Man I love knits). 

You sure can look good enough to make a mans head turn twice, but don't expect that reaction when you are walking around with a pair of floral wedges or a studded biker jacket, the majority will not get you and the minority will be as dressed to impress another male as you are to another woman. 

This post is pointless to you, but this was a conversation I had with a male friend who totally failed to explain and convience a fashion lover the reasons behind why they can totally hold a grudge against our fashion world. 

Lets get to the fun part and that is my MUST-HAVES winter pieces I'm about to share with you. 

Invest in colorful knits and a few details would be a super bonus to pop an outfit, and don't be afraid to step out of the norm and grab a few cropped ones, they go pretty well with high-waisted pants/jeans. 

Banjo & Matilda: Cashmere sweater
Chloe: Wool and Cashmere blend sweater
Duffy: Knitted turtle neck

Lets leave the floral pants aside for now and focus on some geomatrical prints and even sequins. They go pretty well with a light one color long sleeve or even a chunky jacket, day or night it will give and take don't you worry. 

Balmain: Cropped velvet skinny pants
Derek Lam: Cropped sequin pants
Matthew Williamson: Satin skinny pants

Another thing, Jackets/Coats. Pea-coats are in, so are bomber and military style jackets, so you might want to lay aside last season lovers and invest in new trendy ones.

Gucci: Wool Military Jacket
DKNY: reversible Bomber Jacket
Derek Lam: Wool blend peacoat

I stand speechless infront of 80 percent of shoes, especially winter boots. I'm dying at this very moment looking at the beauty that is placed below. 

Christian Louboutin: Color block ankle 
Burberry Prorsum: Lace up suede boots
NewbarK Sabine: Two-tone boots
Jason Wu: Leather and Suede ankle boots
Proenze Schouler: paneled leather ankle boots
Marini: Suede ankle boots
Guiseppe zanotti: Suede knee boots