12 August 2013

Lovely Bones

If you are looking to add some Punk, Goth feel to your home, now is the time. With skulls booming as a fashion statement pieces laying around your living room, yet some of you think that they are a tad too dark sided for their liking, think again. Stephy Marshall Founder of “Lovely Bones” brings you the most pimped up, one of a kind looking animal and human


You can have your pick of real animal skulls, “I can assure you they have been specifically picked from farms were they have naturally passed, through the winter most of the calf’s or lambs don't make it, I have asked lots of questions to the farmers! And most I find in rural areas where no human impact is a result to there death” Stephy explains, adding “I see it as instead of that animal being forgotten and wasted in the bush ill put my day of the dead twist to it to honor them”. But if animal skulls are not your thing, you can opt for her replicas of human ones that are super captivating as centerpieces for tables or wall shelves. 

These are a few of my very favorites..

Amber Stone Goat Skull (Large)

 Cow Skull. Antique Gold With Spikes (Medium)
$180 AUD
Swarovski Crystal WeddingInspired Ram Skull (Large)
Copper Leaf Skull (Small)
$150 AUD
Spring Flower With Dangling Crystal Skull (Medium)
$200 AUD

For more information on these beautiful pieces visit her Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/lovelybones2013

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