7 October 2013


There is no doubt that pink is very much a feminine colour, and with this trend taking over the runway for fall 2013, we will set aside the dark shades and opt for the pastels. Channeling the trend were designers such as Prada, Topshop and Carven. 

Many women would ditch the colour to keep safe from looking too girly for life, but if you style yourself in a way that adds a touch of feminism to a grunge look or even an androgynous feel you can't really go wrong there. 

Aside from a few inspirational pictures, here are a few tips on how to keep subtle with this much frowned upon shade. 

1- Pair the pinks with shades coming from the "basics" colour palette (Black, White or grey).

2- If your outfit is much concentrated on the shade of pink such as (A dress, an A-line skirt or pants) keep the rest of the outfit toned down with neutrals. 

3- If you are not so much into the hue, and totally refusing to invite it into your wardrobe, let your beauty get a glimpse of it ( Lipstick, Nail polish or Eyeshadow). 

4- If you are going for a chunky piece in that shade, opt for oversized items (Coat, Jumper or Blazer).

5- Remember you are NOT a princess nor are you a 5 year old ballerina. Break the ice and keep it simple. 

Via ManRepeller, Instyle, Pinterest

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