14 July 2014


When two insanely creative people join forces, the bar is set to beyond high, and to suppress the pressure and anticipation, some people work their magic in absolute silence. 

Mounaz & Aya have always loved designing. Let that be jewellery, portraits or furniture, their love for art was something you can never miss. "last year we realised that we can integrate our love for design and art with fashion and create "carry-able art" as they say." said Mounaz. 

Roaming around Mo'ez street and Old Cairo, it suddenly hit them, - "let's redesign our history and modernize it." adds Mounaz. 

In search of ways to revive the history of their homeland Egypt, they presented to us "Okhtein",  translates into english as "Two sisters". 

The Graceful 

The Thinker

The Minx

To shop their collection or pre-order their winter collection, visit their website: http://www.okhtein.com
Or follow them on 
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/okhtein 
Instagram: @Okhtein

Designers: Mounaz & Aya Abdel Raouf
Photography: Studio X @Studio.x

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